RF Test Cables with very good Passive Inter Modulation (PIM) Performance.
When testing multicarrier and wideband RF systems, it is important to use coaxial test cables with low PIM levels.
RF Light AB can offer a range of very flexible and semi rigid test cables meeting very high PIM performance requirements.

Our C10 family of RG-393 test cables with 7/16 type connector meets very high performance requirements. These cables are also ideal as jumper cables in site installations. The cables are available in 1meter, 1.2 meter and 1.5 meter lengths. Other lengths can be offered. Every test cable is delivered with an individual PIM measurement protocol.
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GSM-R Directional Antenna
The 901 24 25 antenna offers high gain, high directivity and high side lobe suppression for demanding 900MHz applications. The antenna has been designed for railway coverage where high signal strength along the tracks with minimal pickup of signals from other directions are important features. The antenna covers the entire 900MHz band. The high gain and high efficiency is achieved through an advanced design of the array and matching network design of the antenna.
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RF Light AB
Offers more than 30 years of experience in the wireless communications field. The company specializes in products with extremely good Passive Inter Modulation (PIM) performance. PIM is becoming one of the most critical performance factors in modern wireless communications networks. Multi band high capacity base station sites must have coax cable jumper cables with low PIM levels to meet the signal quality requirements of today.
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